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Mini HD Video Camera

Order No. MiniHD

A match box sized ultra compact 5 megapixel camera with HD video. A very tradistional looking spy camera that wouldn't be out of place in a James Bond Movie.

Charge from your home p.c, the built in lithium battery provides 1 hour video recording or hundreds of photos. If you run out of power on the go, the handy back-up charger uses an AA battery to power the camera.

Angel Eye ultra mini high resolution motion activated

Order No. AngelEye

Portable high resolution ultra compact PVR system- the ultimate portable recorder, records in high resolution (user select up to 720p) at full fluid motion 30fps, records to standard mini SD cards, records on motion detection, or 1 button record powered by rechargeable mobile phone battery, very simple to use, silent, recording both audio and video

Hidden speaker DVR camera with motion activated

Order No. SP-DVR32

The SP-DVR32 is a full featured all in one spy camera with a built in DVR cleverly disguised as a set of computer speakers - Get The Evidence You Need Right Now!

Ltl Acorn 6210MM - 12 Mega pixel GSM stealth trail camera 940nm invisible version

Order No. Ltl-6210MM 940nm

A Compact scouting camera in a camouflaged case with some pretty amazing features: 940nm featuring HD & MMS & 940NM invisible infrareds! With 12MP image quality and high definition H.264/AVC format video with audio, this is best scouting/covert camera on the market.

Ltl Acorn 5211A - 12 Mega pixel stealth trail camera 940nm invisible version

Order No. Ltl-5211A 940nm

A Compact scouting camera in a camouflaged case with some pretty amazing features: 3+ month battery life, a range of 65ft, programmable 5 or 12 Mega Pixel, DVD quality video (640x480), time stamp, security code, 1 to 3 photos, video, time lapse option, temperature, moon phase, unique triple sensor - primes the camera to give a 1second trigger and a large LCD for picture and video playback.

Wireless USB Receiver

Order No. DVR431

"Functions with a PC as a DVR or as a standard receiver on your TV"

The DVR-431 is a very simple to use wireless USB receiver that can be used on your PC as a wireless DVR and on your home TV as a standard wireless receiver.

It works on the ISM Band: 2400 ~ 2483MHz to receive wireless camera audio and video signals and displays the received image signal via your PC. With our "Secure Monitoring System" software, you can capture the image and video you are watching, and play back the data recorded.

IP camera up to 30fps with night day colour and night vision.

Order No. NC1000

NC1000 Night Vision IP /Network camera features a standalone system, which means a camera and a computer combined in a small package.

Built-in A/V encoder module and web server provide users to view images through IP network (LAN) with a browser on any computer connected to network. And it can be installed easily and friendly by using a IP configuration software to assign an IP to your IP camera.

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AYGcameras is an online shop which caters for a very wide range of scenarios where you need the right digital or video camera for the job, rather than having to make do with something that just isn’t fit for purpose. To that effect we offer wireless camera where the cable may be an issue, inspection cameras to see inside every nook and cranny, wildlife cameras – trail cameras need not just be used in the wild, the garden is a fantastic oasis of wildlife, especially at night, digital binoculars that will take a snap shop, night vision goggles, mystery shopper cameras, GSM cameras for remote applications, underwater cameras and time lapse cameras that show the natural world come to life, construction site or cloud formations to name but a few.